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Antireflective glass
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Antireflective glass

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Anti-reflective glass, also known as anti-reflective glass, is an anti-reflective coating formed on both surfaces of ultra-white glass by immersion plating or magnetron sputtering, which greatly reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface, and the highest transmittance will reach 98%. Due to its low reflection and high transmission performance, it is widely used in building curtain wall, Wenbo commercial display and solar thermal and photovoltaic fields.
1. Reduced reflection image, looks like no glass, greatly improving visual clarity;
2. Make the items more realistic and more colorful;
3. All processing performance is basically the same as the original glass! (tempered, hollow, laminated, etc.)
Field of application
1) Building curtain wall glass
Used on the building façade, it can greatly reduce the light pollution of the building, and make the whole building transparent, fashionable and modern. Especially through the glass, the lobby inside is bright and clean.
2) All kinds of high-end showrooms, showcases and display windows
The use of anti-reflective glass to avoid the effects of light and the reflected light from the adjacent showcase will make the objects and patterns more clear and realistic, and achieve the best visual effect. Such as museum showcases, various commercial center stores, luxury goods stores, zoo observation windows and so on.
6)Solar photovoltaic and photothermal panels
By increasing the light transmission rate, reducing the heat loss and generating higher efficiency, solar photovoltaic cells and collectors are a good means to improve the effective use of sunlight.
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