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Fireproof glass

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Fire-proof glass, whose main function in fire prevention is to control the spread of fire or to prevent smoke, is a kind of fire-proof material of measure type. Its fire-proof effect is evaluated by fire-proof performance. It is a special glass which is processed and processed by special technology and can keep its integrity and heat insulation in prescribed refractory test. Floating flat glass and tempered glass can be used as the original glass of fire-proof glass.
Fire resistance limit
According to the fire resistance limit, it can be divided into five grades: 0.5h, 1.00h, 1.50h, 2.00h and 3.00h.
Composite fireproof glass
It is composed of two or more layers of glass with one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fire retardant adhesive.
Fire-proof principle: When a fire occurs, the fire-proof glass will burst quickly after meeting high temperature, and its fire-proof glue interlayer will foam and expand about ten times one after another, forming a hard milky-white foam fire-proof glue board, effectively blocking the flame, insulating high temperature and harmful gas.
When it is suitable for exterior windows and exterior curtain walls, the design scheme should consider the combination of fireproof glass and PVB laminated glass. Scope of application: Fire-proof doors and windows of building rooms, corridors, corridors, fire-proof zones and fire-proof partition walls in important parts
Monolithic Fireproof Glass
Monolithic fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass made of single layer glass. In a certain period of time to maintain the integrity of fire resistance, blocking open fire and toxic and harmful gases, but without insulation effect.
It is suitable for exterior curtain wall, exterior window, lighting roof, smoke-proof vertical wall, fire-proof glass frameless door, and partition wall without heat insulation requirements.
Single piece of Cesium Potassium fireproof glass is exchanged by special chemical treatment at high temperature for more than 20 hours, replacing the metal sodium on the glass surface to form chemical toughening stress. At the same time, after physical treatment, the glass surface forms high-strength compressive stress, which greatly improves the impact strength. When the glass is broken, it presents the state of tiny particles and reduces the harm to human body. The strength of single Cesium Potassium fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass.
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