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Built-in shutter hollow glass
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Built-in shutter hollow glass

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The built-in shutter hollow glass has the following characteristics and technical performances besides satisfying all the performances of ordinary hollow glass:
1. Positive shading: the lowest transmittance reduction coefficient is 0.12, creating a comfortable and quiet indoor environment, shutters are airtight, angle adjustment is achieved through external or remote control;
2. Energy-saving: 5 mm+19 A+5 mm louvered hollow glass can reduce the energy consumption of glass by 2/3. When the louver is adjusted to the appropriate angle, the heat transfer coefficient of glass is only 1.8 W/m2.K. (that is, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminium alloy doors and windows exceeds 2.7 W/m2.K);
3. Sound insulation: Excellent sound insulation performance, noise reduction up to 32 db, most suitable for office partition, building doors and windows around the road;
4. Cleanliness: neat and clean, without curtains, easy to clean and disinfect, without dust mites;
5. Safety: Reducing fire hazards, double-layer toughened glass improves the overall building safety level, strong wind resistance and impact resistance, and reduces the risk of broken windows entering the room on low floors:
6. Economy: Reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, save a lot of power consumption, prevent ultraviolet radiation (ultraviolet penetration coefficient is 0.00-0.02, protect indoor articles, and save the purchase cost and cleaning cost of curtains.
LOW-E built-in louver U value is lower than the original basis to reduce more than 0.5, better masking.
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