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Hollow glass

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Hollow glass is two or more pieces of glass to effectively support the uniform separation and the surrounding bonding seal, so that there is a dry gas space between the glass layers.
Thermal performance: Lower U value (heat transfer coefficient), more obvious effect of filling inert gas;
Optical performance: according to actual needs, very flexible choice of different solar transmittance and reflectance; sound insulation performance: hollow glass can generally be reduced. Low noise 30 dB, and filling inert gas can be reduced by about 5 dB on the original basis.
Anti-condensation performance: dew point can reach - 40 C to ensure that the hollow glass does not condensate;
Sealability: Aluminum frame (spacer frame) is formed at one time. Butyl glue and structural glue or polysulfide glue are sealed in two ways to ensure the sealability of hollow glass and prolong the service life of hollow glass.
Product Specification:
Thickness: 10-52 mm
Minimum size: 180 x 320 mm
Maximum size: 2500 x 4500 mm
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