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Sandwich glass

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Laminated glass is a kind of composite glass made by high temperature and high pressure processing with tough PVB intermediate film between glass. The toughness of the PVB film is very good. When the laminated glass is crushed by the violent impact of external force, it will absorb a lot of impact energy and make it decay rapidly, so it is difficult for the laminated glass to be broken down. Even if the laminated glass is broken, the glass fragments basically adhere to the film and keep the whole laminated glass fragments from dewatering, so it becomes the real safety glass product characteristics:
The laminated glass installed on the building is impacted by any external force. Even if the glass is broken, the laminated glass can remain intact in the original frame. The personnel inside and outside the building will not be injured by splashing glass debris.
Ultraviolet protection:
Ultraviolet radiation in the sun has a great barrier effect, the rate of ultraviolet radiation isolation as high as 99%, to avoid ultraviolet radiation.
Noise reduction:
PVB film can block sound wave and reduce noise.
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