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Solar Control Coated Glass
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Solar Control Coated Glass

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Sunlight reflective coated glass is formed by magnetron sputtering on colorless or bulk colored float glass with one or more layers of metal or non-metal film under vacuum. It has rich color characteristics. The reflective effect of glass mirror can make the coated curtain wall reflect the surrounding scenery vividly, make the building and the surrounding landscape integrated, combined with the overall architectural design, it is very magnificent. Because of its unique shading effect, it restricts the visible light flow, shields the sunlight radiation, reduces the operating cost of air conditioning system, and creates a comfortable aesthetic environment and internal space.
Product characteristics:
It can be used monolithically, and can also be made into sandwich or hollow composite products. Various colors can meet different design requirements.
Product Specification:
Thickness: 3-8 mm
Minimum size: 31 10 *920 mm
Maximum size: 2540 x 3660 mm
Standard plate glass: 2400 x 3300 mm, 21 00 x 3300 mm
Orders of various sizes and shapes between maximum and minimum sizes can be provided according to customer requirements.
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